It all starts with your heart – including your health. Complete Care at Milford Manor offers the finest cardiac care services in the region.

Dr. Krishna Duvvuri, MD, leads the Facility Cardiac Care Program, including assessments, medical management, and care planning of residents with an associated cardiac diagnosis.

Whether you are recovering from a heart attack, stroke, angina, heart failure, dysrhythmia or other cardiac condition that requires continuous monitoring and treatment, we provide a safe, supportive environment in which to rehabilitate and regain your health.

As a team, we create a comprehensive care plan that takes both your immediate needs as well as other conditions and concerns into account. Using a variety of modalities, we work together to get your heart as healthy as possible.

It is our pleasure to help you build your best and healthiest life. Because it all starts with your heart.

Our skilled nurses, technicians, and physicians use cutting-edge technology to monitor your heart health, blood pressure, and other concerns, 24 hours a day.

At Complete Care at Milford Manor, we prepare you for the healthiest life possible with clinical and educational support. Get your heart pumping with exercise therapy in our state-of-the-art gym; work with our nutritionists to develop a heart-healthy food plan; partner with physicians and therapists to integrate positive lifestyle changes. And in the meantime, enjoy the personalized attention of our skilled nursing staff, our luxurious amenities, and a community of residents like you.


At Complete Care at Milford Manor, we approach each day with one goal: to improve the lives we touch through extraordinary care and compassion.


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